Weapon R Parts and Accessories

Weapon-R performance parts & accessories include a wide variety of items and accessories that consist of components like the Neo Titanium Finish Coolant Overflow Tanks, high quality Engine Damper mounts that fit in between your vehicle’s engine block and firewall to effectively control horsepower and torque. Universal Fuel Pressure Gauge for Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator kit that will adapt to the Adjustable Fuel Regulators to the stock fuel rail.

This manufacturer represents the high racing market which includes the automotive aftermarket enhancing accessories. One of the main products are the company are High functioning Air Intake Systems that consist of the Secret Intake, Dragon Air Intake. These parts fit a large number of vehicles like the Scion, Hyundai, Pontiac, Toyota, Mercury, Ford, Honda, Subaru and so forth. Get the right Intake for your ride and you will not be disappointed. Let your vehicle achieve a higher level of performance with various race parts. Their short ram intake will out perform AEM or Injen cold air intakes on low RPM and it will perform almost the same on high RPM. Short Ram Intakes Dragon are ideal for tight areas in your engine bay and still perform and achieve excellent horsepower and torque numbers.

Other fine enhancing products are Stainless Steel Headers that are constructed of the finest stainless steel. Racing headers ensure that gases exit fast enough. There are short tube headers and long tube performance headers. It will be advisable for those who want to install performance headers to be aware of merits or demerits of these two types. Choice of performance headers would depend upon how the car will be used. In either case the performance headers will help in generating more power. There are a number of types and styles of performance headers in the market. Various terminology used are performance headers, exhaust headers, headers, exhaust manifolds, racing headers, exhausts header, performance header, exhaust manifold, racing header, header.

Automotive steel headers achieve better output. If you wish to improve the horsepower of your ride in an elegant way that does not increase the load on the engine you should consider these headers. Headers improve throughput by making it easier for the engine to perform its reciprocating cycle. This last part of the cycle is made easier by performance headers. Performance headers increase the paths available to the exhaust gases to leave and they are able to leave quicker. Steel headers need to be precision engineered and therefore you should choose a manufacturer with a strong reputation. With performance headers installed you can enjoy a boosted car enhancement. Exhaust headers help conserve the engine power.