The Advantages Of Automotive LED Headlamp

The automotive LED headlamp has so many obstacles and difficulties in the process of development, but all the manufacturers are trying to drive the development of LED. Obviously, the automotive LED lamp has so many advantages. The new light source is able to provide the car with flexibility and personalization, besides, the light efficiency of the LED light is similar with the HID light; therefore, the traditional light will be cleaned out from the market sooner or later. The chromatography of LED is the same with sunlight, which makes the effectiveness of the reflection higher than the other lights. Drivers can see the obstacles from far away with this kind of light. Experts also maintain that road signals always use the passive glow reflection; therefore, the LED can make the driver see the signals as it always in the daytime.

The Daytime Running Light rules, which is passed by the Europe union, fixes that automobiles should use the headlamp even in the daytime. This regulation makes the low power consumption, and long service life of LED light outstanding. The LED headlight does not need any mechanical part, which is able to produce the active function. This kind of active lighting system may need more streamer tube. From this way, scientists can study the new adapting headlamp system.

Scientists point out that the changes of the illumination system is correspond with the developing tendency, namely the mechanical device will be replaced by the electric system gradually. All in all, the automotive LED headlamp is still in its infancy now, but it will develop with high speed. It is predicated that the capital of the automotive LED market will reach 80 million US dollars in the year of 2012. The LED must be welcomed by people with its safety and reliability, which will also bring so many opportunities for the revolution of the automotive lamp. The related integrated circuit is S4060U.