Synthetic Automotive Motor Oil

Regardless of what type of vehicle you are using, you can count on the fact you will need quality motor oil if you wish to have it run properly and last long. Synthetic automotive motor oil has become far superior to regular oil and is a cleaner, more effective alternative for a number of reasons. These synthetic products last up to eight times longer and are used for extreme cold and heavy load situations. Anyone who knows will tell you motor oil is the life blood of your motor vehicle. Certain components of petroleum cause it to break down more quickly under extreme heat, or extreme cold conditions, and under many heavy loads as well. By refining and removing these problems in petroleum, synthetic oils are a much needed solution. If you still do not see reason to use these products, consider the result of your machinery breaking down due to motor oil. What happens can be described as catastrophic to your machinery.

Even if you will not be testing the strength of your oil under strenuous conditions, there will still be a noticeable difference in the quality of your motor’s day to day functioning. Lubrication is the name of the game here, and less friction means smoother operation, and less damaging wear done to the internal parts. Less heat and less wear and tear equate to more efficient and effective operation and a longer life span of your motors.

Many of these products cannot be plucked off the shelf at the local supermarket, but that is because, they are of a special and superior quality, not desired by some. By making a commitment to better oil you will save money and trouble in the long run. Aside from less maintenance being required, you will need to change the oil less often. You will save on the astronomical gas prices due to increased fuel efficiency, but most importantly your vehicle will last longer and work better for the long duration of its life. There are a number of high grade standard oils available at very reasonable rates that will provide a much needed positive change for your car. If you are operating in extremes, i.e. extreme temperatures or under extremely heavy loads in trucks, there are special formulas to handle whatever burden. You will need to change oil and decreased intervals, some lasting up to 100,000 miles or six whole months, which for motor oil is quite a life span. Obviously they would not be advertised if they were not effective, and by committing you can expect superior quality.