So You Want to Build Your Own Wind Turbine

There are a few fundamental components that will allow you to fabricate a wind turbine. These include a DC motor, a body, tail, blades, and the hub which creates the connection between the blades and the generator and the tower. It is highly recommended to make sure the likes of the motor and hub are in particularly good condition if buying them second hand, as they will be seeing a lot of wear and tear over the years! Other parts that will be needed include a battery tank and of course, all the fixtures and fittings. Only the most main tools will be necessary to build a wind turbine.

It has to be admitted that not all areas can feel the full benefits of a wind turbine. However, the windier the better, but someplace between 5-10mph of wind flow on a regular basis would be a good start. Remember, this is an investment, so even if the regular wind flow is just 2mph, with just a $200 outlay, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars for years to come.

Build in an efficient manner and the financial benefits will be great. Not only will you be saving tonnes of cash on your electricity bill, but you’ll be able to build the turbine on a fairly inexpensive basis. The guides available do vary, but most suggest that turbines ought to be up and running for well under $200 and in some cases, as little as $100. Shop around for the parts you have to, checking local DIY stores alongside the likes of eBay and automotive suppliers as this is where you’ll be saving the most cash.

The solution to allow you to fabricate a wind turbine that is not only cost effective, but high in quality is commitment. The pieces are readily available and the step-by-step guides are mass produced and accessible for instant download. All that is stopping you saving thousands on electricity bills every year is the time considered necessary to construct the wind turbine itself.