Prevent Engine Damage And Get An Oil Change

Oil changes are affordable and offer a myriad of benefits. The benefits they offer make them an important part of regular car maintenance. You can save time by taking your vehicle to an auto service center when your car needs an oil change.

Routine oil changes reduce friction in your vehicle. Clean motor oil lubricates all of the engine’s parts and keeps them from banging together and rubbing against each other, which will prevent serious engine damage.

Clean engine oil reduces heat and the engine’s temperature. If your car is running very low on oil, it may overheat, so check your oil level periodically. It is a good idea to keep extra engine oil in your vehicle for an emergency.

New motor oil also means that your engine will be cleaner. Clean oil will get rid of the contaminants, dust, debris, and gunk, which hinders movement and interferes with performance. Regular oil changes will also prevent sludge from forming and clean engine oil reduces air pollution.

Routine oil changes also increase gas mileage. A lubricated engine runs smoothly, and will allow you to get more miles for each gallon of gas. As a result of staying on top of your car’s lubrication needs, you will save some money at the tank.

If it’s not already on your list of vehicle maintenance, you should schedule an oil change soon. Make sure you choose a reliable auto service center to perform the change. If your driving conditions are severe, you may need to change the oil sooner. Severe driving conditions is actually a misnomer, and should be looked into – most regular drivers qualify as driving under severe conditions. The Automotive Association of America defines normal driving conditions as driving in dust-free areas and on highways with paved roads.

The most important part of maintaining a car is changing the oil regularly. Oil loses its ability to flow freely, clean, and lubricate the engine over time, so it needs to be changed. Changing the oil every 3,000 miles or so is like having insurance with a high cash value.

Statistics say that most drivers own their vehicle for 12 years or longer. Since most people are keeping their cars longer and putting more miles on their cars each month, the cars need regular maintenance checkups, which includes changing the oil.

A reliable auto service center will change your oil the right way and will make note of other issues your car may have. Getting an oil change by a trustworthy mechanic, even if it’s yourself or a friend, is important to the continued functioning of your vehicle. A happy car means a happy driver.