Hybrid Power Systems (Solar and Wind)

According to many renewable energy experts, a stand-alone hybrid system that combines generation sources, such as wind and PV, offers several advantages over a single generation system.

In much of the United States, wind speeds are low in the summer when the sun shines brightest and longest. The wind is great in the winter when there is less sunlight. Since the greatest operating times for wind and PV occur at diverse times of the day and year, hybrid systems are more likely to yield energy once you need it. For the times when neither the wind generator nor the PV modules are producing electricity (for example, by night whilst the wind is not blowing), most stand-alone systems provide energy through batteries and/or an engine-generator powered by fossil fuels.

If the batteries run low, the engine-generator can be run by full power until the batteries are charged. Adding a fossil-fuel powered generator makes the system more complicated, but new electronic controllers can run these complicated systems without doubt. Adding an engine-generator can furthermore reduce the quantity of PV modules and batteries in the system. Keep in mind that the storage capability should be generous enough to supply

Types of Shock Absorbers Used in Automotives

Shock absorbers are an important class of components in your car. They protect the vehicle and the passengers from the unwanted jerks or jolts, vibrations because of bumps and wholes on the road. They make the movement of the vehicle smooth and make the ride comfortable for the passengers. There are different kinds of shock absorbers available and each of them has a distinct function according to the need of the vehicle. We discuss briefly a few of them.

The basic twin tube

The twin tube contains two nested cylindrical tubes – the working tube and the reservoir. Both the tubes contain hydraulic fluid. A piston is inserted into the inner tube and the piston cap has tiny orifices for the hydraulic fluid to get displaced when the piston moves back and forth. Thus, the shock energy converted into heat and gets removed. Twin tube shock absorbers can be as follows:

Gas charged twin-tube

In this, nitrogen gas is used in the reservoir instead of the hydraulic fluid. This is a major improvement over the basic twin tube as it gets rid of problems like aeration and foaming and also hydraulic fluid dripping out

Gift Ideas For the Automotive Obsessed

From big to small and short to tall, auto enthusiasts everywhere dream about auto parts. When you’re looking for a gift that will win them over every time, consider some of the following car accessories.

Leather seat covers are the perfect match to any interior. In addition to their rich, refined appearance, they protect your interior and resale value from coffee, soda and even sharp objects that can scratch, tear or leave permanent stains. They slip on and off in seconds, with no tools required, and are available for all seats and rows in your vehicle. Many models are even treated with water and stain repellents for complete spill protection.

It may sound strange, but when you’re an auto-enthusiast, a set of brake pads is actually an incredibly thoughtful gift. Like underwear and socks, brake pads are always guaranteed to eventually wear out. However, performance-grade brake pads surpass their lesser stock counterparts in durability by 20 – 40 percent. They’re engineered from high-tech composite materials and provide a direct replacement for those under-performing stock pads. And, if he’s a pro, you could even throw in a set of brake lines.

For the environmentally conscious guy

Fixing – Much More And Beyond Stereotype Auto Repairs

Nothing can match the freedom of owning your own vehicle. Besides making your daily transport easy and hassle-free, it helps you move about freely as you choose. While you enjoy your drives and live life to the fullest, it’s essential to remember that breakdowns can take place at the most inconvenient times, leaving your puzzled and stranded on a distant highway. One of the worst feelings on this planet happens when your car breaks out of the blue. Apart from being extremely hazardous, it’s challenging for you to find a repair shop that’ll fix your automobile to perfection.

Waiting idly when your car needs repair is not very advisable. Since your car is a massive investment, you must hire an auto technician as soon as possible. However, it’s often seen that people take the DIY approach instead of hiring a professional. Besides the obvious reason of saving money, people are often afraid of taking their car to a repair shop. Well, most owners feel hesitant about going for a professional auto restoration job – deception and harassments being the most common reasons.

Today’s car restoration agencies are just as much fun as visiting a dentist. But,

Innovations in Auto Glass

Having the opportunity to run a franchise company in the auto sector has been quite an interesting job indeed. During my time as the CEO of The Car Wash Guys we ran a small team of researchers who gathered industry information from where ever we could find it. One of the most interesting new inventions we found was remarkable.

Let’s discuss some new innovations in Auto Safety, which are currently in the news. One interesting invention we found to be interesting, as we have studied Ultra-Sonic Mini-Blind Cleaning as an add-on market for our Window Washing company is the HUD; Heads up Displays which can be projected onto the windshield of a vehicle and the de-ice units using focused frequencies that break up the ice as you drive. When ice forms on your windshield you cannot see anything and are 50 times more likely to hit something.

Now then before we start discussing this newest technology, let us talk about some of our previous discussions on this inter-related subject. HUD displays in racing, human computer interface and other uses.

This is happening as predicted: OSRAM supplies LEDs for BMW head-up display Compound Semiconductor – Bristol,

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 – On and Off Road Exhilaration

Call it MOPAR madness or call it sheer, ingenious automotive marketing and engineering, but whatever you decide to call the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, you must realize one thing: no production vehicle has effectively combined off road ruggedness with on road durability. Until the Grand Cherokee SRT8 came along that is. Yes, not since the GMC Typhoon has an SUV proven to be a highway dominator as well as an off road maven. However, the Jeep Cherokee SRT8 goes well beyond any 4×4 vehicle by delivering a versatile, pavement pounding, all-around SUV.

The folks at Chrysler’s Street and Racing Technology (SRT) group could not leave well enough alone. From the Neon to the Viper and from the 300C to the Ram pickup truck, no model has been too sacred to receive a proper work over from the team. First it was a bevy of Dodge models, then it was the Chrysler 300C, but no Jeep model had yet been targeted for the group’s overhaul. The Grand Cherokee however was past due as fond memories of the GMC Typhoon likely played a part in the decision to inject “SRT steroids” into a widely acclaimed Jeep model. Indeed, the

Lexus Maintenance and Repair Services

The brand Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota Motor Corporation. The company launched its first model Lexus LS in the U. S. back in the year 1989. Then on, Lexus keeps its pursuit of perfection. Today, Toyota’s Lexus lineup of luxury vehicles is marketed throughout the world and recognized as the largest-selling make of luxury cars in Japan.

When you drive one of these luxury cars, you know that the instant you pull out of the lot you’ve got a high class vehicle on-hand. However, no matter how well you take care of it, and no matter how great it was when you bought it – it will gradually begin to show signs of wear and tear just like most cars do. Hence, it is essential to safeguard the overall health of your Lexus car by taking it to a dependable auto shop and let them give it a dose of mechanical TLC.

Now, if you’re looking for a Riverside Lexus repair service, look no further than the a reputable auto shop to help you on your Lexus servicing and repair needs. Look no further than an auto shop that has