Automotive Innovations in the Electric Car

An electric car looks like any other car but it features something that is quite innovative in the history of the automobile. Apart from the fact that they run on electric energy, there are some pretty outstanding features that are unique and groundbreaking.

For example, the electric car has no exhaust pipe. In fact it has no exhaust system at all. This means you have no smoke coming our of the car as it runs. Hitherto, all vehicles had some sort of combustion outlet that emitted the waste from the burning of fuel.

Again, the electric car has no fuel tank. It uses energy from the batteries so there is no need to hold fuel in liquid or gaseous form for it’s automotive power. So we can definitely say it is a tankless car.

For the first time, the barking system of a car will serve as a charging system for its batteries. In the regular car, you have the alternator as the system that charges the battery. The electric car has something interesting – the batteries are charged when you brake the car. The process is called regenerative braking and it can recover about

Create a Car Garage Plan With Automotive Theme

The construction of your automotive theme car garage plan doesn’t end with painting or choosing and laying the tiles. The grand finale of the construction process is the putting up of wall hangings. A majority of the garages come with large banners, standard photographs, race flags, and other items that usually form part of the theme. Customized wall hangings that focus on your car can enhance the uniqueness of your garage or office, making it your pride and the envy of your friends and colleagues.

Usually, people who adopt a themed car garage plan do not spend a lot of time in planning the more minute details of its construction as they do for their cars or houses. When you plan your themed garage, you must pay attention to more details than just the colour of floor tiles, the shade of paints, corvette telephones, and so on. To help you with planning, imagine your garage to be an exotic museum to exhibit your vehicle.

The interior of a Mustang owner’s garage usually has a themed banner of a Mustang of Ford, which gives no clue whatsoever to the owner’s unique personality. Similarly, a Harley owner sticks

Automotive Starting Systems Primer

Hello and let me tell you, I’m glad you came back to read another article in our series on automotive how to guides and repair information for the new comer weekend warrior auto mechanic. Now, if this is your first read in our series, let me explain that this isn’t being written for professionals but rather for guys just like yourself who want to understand what’s going on underneath the hood of their cars a little better than they do now. In today’s article I’m going to talk a bit about your car’s starting system and the reason is that car’s not starting is probably the number one break down complaint that I hear. So let’s get to it!

When you turn the key, you close an electrical circuit that sends current through the ignition switch and down to the start solenoid. The only time you need to be concerned with the solenoid is when it stops working. Some solenoids are remote mounted, while others are built right into the starter. When a car fails to start and the battery and it’s connections are good – it’s normally the solenoid that has gone bad. When attached directly

Synthetic Automotive Motor Oil

Regardless of what type of vehicle you are using, you can count on the fact you will need quality motor oil if you wish to have it run properly and last long. Synthetic automotive motor oil has become far superior to regular oil and is a cleaner, more effective alternative for a number of reasons. These synthetic products last up to eight times longer and are used for extreme cold and heavy load situations. Anyone who knows will tell you motor oil is the life blood of your motor vehicle. Certain components of petroleum cause it to break down more quickly under extreme heat, or extreme cold conditions, and under many heavy loads as well. By refining and removing these problems in petroleum, synthetic oils are a much needed solution. If you still do not see reason to use these products, consider the result of your machinery breaking down due to motor oil. What happens can be described as catastrophic to your machinery.

Even if you will not be testing the strength of your oil under strenuous conditions, there will still be a noticeable difference in the quality of your motor’s day to day functioning. Lubrication is

Significance Of Latest Automotive Technology

The last few decades have seen the advent of technology in all the spheres of life. The automotive industry is no exception. The vehicles have changed tremendously over the past decade. Vehicle manufacturers are always on the look out for new innovations to win over the customer segment. But are these new additions beneficial for a driver? The main purpose of this article is to discuss the pros and cons of the latest automotive technology:

Safety- With respect to safety, the enhanced technology has only complicated matters. In the good old days, the vehicles were not known for their speed. With the improvement in technology, the speed of vehicles has increased. But it has also lead to large number of fatalities in accidents, though technologies like shock absorbers and racing suspensions have been added to the vehicles for making driving safer and easier. Seat belt safety which became popular in the 1980’s, has certainly reduced the number of accidents. Enhancing the strength of cars is another strategy which has been adopted by various automobile producing companies.

Power Steering- In terms of power steering, the cars have certainly improved. Now, you don’t require to use power while

Demand For Automotive Magnetic Sensor Growing

The automotive industry has gone along way in terms of developments made in the design and performance of automobiles. Year after year, different car makers introduce more and more feature on their cars not only to appease their customers but also to provide good performance and enhanced safety.

Currently, more and more electronic control systems are being employed in the production of automobiles. In the production of the said advanced features, sensors play key roles.

The most common areas of a vehicle which is equipped with the electronic control systems are the safety and driver convenience features. For these to function properly, the presence of sensors is vital. These sensors act as switches for other electronically controlled feature of a system in an automobile.

As a result of the increasing demand for advanced safety and driver convenience features, the demand for sensors also increases. These sensors are commonly used to detect position, displacement, rotary position, linear position, timing, and angles. Navigation and safety features like the anti-lock braking system are also where these magnetic sensors are widely used.

In a typical anti-lock braking system, a central electronic circuit and four speed sensors are needed.

Heat Treatment Technology in Automotive Bearings

Bearing, which is widely used in machinery industries, is an important basis for mechanical connections. It is said that when there is rotation, there is a bearing. At the same time, as a main means of transport, car plays a significant role in our daily life. Thus, the automobile industry also becomes a pillar industry in China where bearings play an important role. Bearing products can be seen in many security devices of cars such as the steering gear, engine and gearbox, etc. As a branch of bearing category, the automotive bearings have many special properties such as high-speed rotation and shock resistance which have great effect on passengers, drivers and safety of the vehicle itself.

Heat treatment is a key process during the manufacturing process of the automotive bearings. Its processing quality and the quality of raw materials are two important factors that affect the bearing life. The following is a brief introduction of the heat treatment technology on the car bearings. The introduction will lay basis on the automotive bearing materials, heat treatment design, heat treatment equipment, heat treatment technology and the development trends of the heat treatment, etc. Let us see some of them.