Weapon R Parts and Accessories

Weapon-R performance parts & accessories include a wide variety of items and accessories that consist of components like the Neo Titanium Finish Coolant Overflow Tanks, high quality Engine Damper mounts that fit in between your vehicle’s engine block and firewall to effectively control horsepower and torque. Universal Fuel Pressure Gauge for Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator kit that will adapt to the Adjustable Fuel Regulators to the stock fuel rail.

This manufacturer represents the high racing market which includes the automotive aftermarket enhancing accessories. One of the main products are the company are High functioning Air Intake Systems that consist of the Secret Intake, Dragon Air Intake. These parts fit a large number of vehicles like the Scion, Hyundai, Pontiac, Toyota, Mercury, Ford, Honda, Subaru and so forth. Get the right Intake for your ride and you will not be disappointed. Let your vehicle achieve a higher level of performance with various race parts. Their short ram intake will out perform AEM or Injen cold air intakes on low RPM and it will perform almost the same on high RPM. Short Ram Intakes Dragon are ideal for tight areas in your engine bay and still perform and achieve

Car Audio Speakers And You

Anytime anyone wants to make improvements to your truck or car, you will probably discover that motor vehicle audio speakers usually are your most cost-effective advancement. A primary cause for this is usually because the speakers themselves are economical and they are a simple item to set up on your own.

Individuals who need to install automotive audio speakers might discover this particular kind of advancement may drastically improve the sound inside their motor vehicle. Lots of people will commonly listen to their auto stereo system when traveling, but without having a good system installed, this music you are listening to is not likely to be at it’s very best. The largest advantage of putting in audio speakers inside of the auto is that the parts can be bought one at a time, enabling for full customization.

If you have already decided on which type of in-dash stereo system you might order, you may want to take a beneficial search on a large selection of accessible motor vehicle audio speakers to support improving the all round audio. Picking any several elements could require quite a little of time and research in order in order to guarantee

Prevent Engine Damage And Get An Oil Change

Oil changes are affordable and offer a myriad of benefits. The benefits they offer make them an important part of regular car maintenance. You can save time by taking your vehicle to an auto service center when your car needs an oil change.

Routine oil changes reduce friction in your vehicle. Clean motor oil lubricates all of the engine’s parts and keeps them from banging together and rubbing against each other, which will prevent serious engine damage.

Clean engine oil reduces heat and the engine’s temperature. If your car is running very low on oil, it may overheat, so check your oil level periodically. It is a good idea to keep extra engine oil in your vehicle for an emergency.

New motor oil also means that your engine will be cleaner. Clean oil will get rid of the contaminants, dust, debris, and gunk, which hinders movement and interferes with performance. Regular oil changes will also prevent sludge from forming and clean engine oil reduces air pollution.

Routine oil changes also increase gas mileage. A lubricated engine runs smoothly, and will allow you to get more miles for each gallon of gas. As a result

Malfunctions in Automotive Electronics

Modern automobile systems are largely dependent upon the powerful electrical systems that serve as the basis for most major functions. As electricity powers each of the computerized systems in the vehicle, gear shifting, engine functions, and power steering and brakes all require decently maintained circuits and wires. In addition to these major functions, more luxury-minded features like radio, seat adjusters, and heating are also dependent on electricity.

There are numerous possible problems that can occur with a car’s electrical system, which may be the result of a poorly manufactured parts or because of a person’s unwillingness to maintain their vehicle. Perhaps the most obvious danger is if a vehicle shuts down during operation. If power is cut from the primary functions of the vehicle, a driver may lose the ease of control that is associated with using a modern automobile. Steering may become more resistant, as well as braking becoming less smooth.

In addition to a loss of power, fires can occur due to electrical sparks caused by faulty wiring or improper power output. These occurrences can become extremely dangerous to those caught inside a vehicle. If the flames reach the gas tank or other flammable

Environmentally Sound Automotive Air Filters

When I explain to someone that there are several lines of vehicle air filters available that are environmentally sound I usually receive a quizzical look back from that person. For some motorists the idea of environmentally compatible automotive parts is a foreign concept to them. Yet, when you think about it many parts that come standard on just about any vehicle qualifies for that title. A catalytic converter is one part that everyone knows about, even if they don’t understand exactly how one works. So, exactly what is an environmentally sound air filter? Let’s take a closer look for all the details.

As you probably know the air filter that comes with your car is made predominately of paper with plastic molding holding the filter together. If you change the air filter at recommended intervals – once a year is common – you can easily go through 3, 5, or even 10 or more air filters depending on how long you keep your car as well as how many miles you put on your car. All of these air filters end up in your trash and then go straight to the dump. The paper in the filter

Different Types Of Automotive Drivetrains

Are you considering the type of drivetrain for your next vehicle? Are you torn between choosing a front-wheel drive or a rear-wheel drive? Or do you think you need an all-wheel drive more? Nowadays, the automotive marketplace offers a lot of drivetrain choices that it could be quite confusing for buyers.

The drivetrain of a vehicle is the system that connects the engines into the wheels. Its configuration is designed according to various kinds of driving conditions and the choices of wheels to be powered by the engine or driven. Choosing which drivetrain you will use is an essential decision when you are in the process of selecting another vehicle.

There are six different types of drivetrain technologies and they all work differently. By initially knowing and understanding them, you could have a more guided decision on which drivetrain you want for your next car.

Front-wheel drive or FWD – a vehicle with front-wheel drive system means that it sends all its engine power into the two front wheels. This gives the effect that FWD pulls the car down into the road. The transmission, engine and the powertrain are all located in the vehicle’s front

Understanding The Basics Of Automotive Repairs


A car is considered as precious piece of possession by most car owners. However, it is quite obvious that these machines may often face mechanical issues if proper care is not taken of them. Although there are laws which protect the car owners from unfair auto repair estimates, it is always better to know the basic of automotive repairs. It has been observed that numerous car owners all across the US, including residents of cities like Longview and Jacksonville regularly browse through the internet to update themselves of ways to get accurate car repair estimates.

In case you are not able to diagnose the problem with your car, the only option left would be take it to a mechanic. However, there are some guidelines that you must follow to have a clear idea about the authenticity of the estimate given by the car repairman:

1. If you hear any unusual sound from your car, especially when it is not in motion try to trace it. For example, in case you hear a squeaking sound coming from under