The Evolution of the Automotive Windshield

You count on it for comfort. You depend on its protection. You look at it every day, sometimes for hours at a time. How often, though, do you think about your windshield? If you’re like most people, probably not that often. How much do you know about this innovation that we take for granted? Read on to discover the fascinating history of the evolution of the windshield.


In the early days of the automobile (then called the horseless carriage), driving goggles were a part of standard driving attire. While the goggles were undoubtedly fashionable, drivers thought it necessary to have protection from flying bugs, rocks, and the elements as they drove. In the early 1900’s that necessity gave birth to the first windshield. Early windshields weren’t made from glass at all, but from pieces of canvas with viewing holes made from thin sheets of mica called isinglass curtains. These “curtains” could be taken down and stored when the weather was favorable. This technology had been used for window coverings for centuries before the advent of glass. While it was extremely light and got the job done, mica wasn’t particularly durable or clear to see through

Automotive Performance Upgrades

Considering some performance enhancements to your car, or new to performance scene? Here is an article designed to help you learn the basics.

First of all, you want to have a “well-oiled machine” in order to start performance work on your car. Keep up with the basic maintenance requirements and make sure everything else is performing as it should before you begin upgrading (i.e. no check engine light, no fluid leaks, etc.). However, you can incorporate performance enhancements into your basic maintenance as well. For example, if you have a car that’s due for a tune up, you can use Iridium spark plugs, and a K&N air filter, or upgraded ignition components such as MSD ignition products, bigger wires, etc. You also always want to use high-quality oil in your vehicle. Your vehicle is your baby, take care of it and it will reward you every day. High quality oil only costs a few dollars more, and you’ll drive with confidence knowing the internals of your engine are lubricated with the good stuff. Oils we recommend are Castrol GTX, Mobil 1 Synthetic, and Royal Purple.

If you’re looking for something a little more hopped up, look

Automotive Alarm System And Accessory For Isuzu

Isuzu is one of the powerful cars that you need to possess in your life. You need to keep on monitoring this car with the new technology that is taking its roots in the world. This company has come up with a system that keeps you on toes whenever you hear a siren. The issue is protecting or safeguarding your car with an Isuzu car alarm in case of damage or theft. Once you own a car, the best thing you can do is to install an alarm to alert you in case of anything strange.

In the automotive industrial markets of selling these spare parts, you have a variety of choices to purchase for your car. The Isuzu car alarm is installed with theft preventive systems that is said to make you confident while you are a bit far from your car. The available Isuzu alarm system at the markets of street beat customs are made with a lot of technicality and modern materials. Once your car is installed with this alarm, then you don’t need to worry where you leave your custom car.

Like other car alarms, Isuzu car alarms are also equipped with

Automotive Tools for Your Home Garage

You can save hundreds of dollars on garage fees every year by carrying out minor servicing and maintenance jobs on your car yourself. Armed with a selection of widely available automotive tools, a garage manual for your car, and enough time and patience to get a job done properly, pretty much anyone can carry out the routine tasks needed to keep your car on the road and running smoothly.

One of the most satisfying aspects of carrying out maintenance tasks on your vehicle – aside from saving money on expensive garage bills – is that you are able to get an understanding of how the car works, and the more you understand about the vehicle, the easier it is to put things right in the event of a breakdown.

Any home garage requires a good selection of automotive tools to carry out work on a car. Some vehicles from certain manufacturers have non standard machining and sizes used throughout their construction, and you will need to get automotive specialty tools designed for the purpose of working on that particular car from a motor store. No home workshop is complete without a trolley jack and axle stands

Automotive Industry at a Glance

The World Automobile Industry is enjoying the period of relatively strong growth and profits, yet there are many regions which are under the threat of uncertainty. Carmakers look for better economies, market conditions which are ideal to have a successful stay in the industry. The automotive industry has a few big players who have marked their presence globally and General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, and DC are among them. It has also been suggested that automotive industry has accelerated more, after the Globalization period, due to easy accessibility & facilities among nations and mergers between giant automakers of the world.

Moreover, the advancements in industrialization led to a rise in the growth and production of the Japanese and German markets, in particular. But in 2009, the global car and automobile sales industry experienced a cogent decline which was during the global recession, as this industry is indirectly dependent on to economic shifts in employment and spending making, it vulnerable. While demand for new and used vehicles in mature markets (e.g. Japan, Western Europe and the United States) fell during the economic recession, the industry flourished in the developing economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Boost

Automotive Accessories That You Must Have

If you have a brand new car, the first thing that you will do is to look for automotive accessories to decorate your car. It can help you to create your own designing that will surely catch the attention of several people. In addition, it can be categorized into two groups, namely exterior accessories and interior accessories.

Most car owners look for interior accessories because of its different advantages on your car. It can also be group into non-essential and essential automotive accessories. Still, it is essential that you become aware of the accessories you are searching for. You also need to do some research with regard to a particular accessory you want to buy.

You also need to look for available alternatives before spending big bucks of money in them. Remember that like auto parts, accessories for vehicles are also manufactured by both engineering firms and original equipment makers. Beware of substandard accessories because they will only hinder the performance of your sedan and may cost you more money as time passes by because you need to change it often.

There are also some kinds of interior accessories that you can use for your