The Advantages Of Automotive LED Headlamp

The automotive LED headlamp has so many obstacles and difficulties in the process of development, but all the manufacturers are trying to drive the development of LED. Obviously, the automotive LED lamp has so many advantages. The new light source is able to provide the car with flexibility and personalization, besides, the light efficiency of the LED light is similar with the HID light; therefore, the traditional light will be cleaned out from the market sooner or later. The chromatography of LED is the same with sunlight, which makes the effectiveness of the reflection higher than the other lights. Drivers can see the obstacles from far away with this kind of light. Experts also maintain that road signals always use the passive glow reflection; therefore, the LED can make the driver see the signals as it always in the daytime.

The Daytime Running Light rules, which is passed by the Europe union, fixes that automobiles should use the headlamp even in the daytime. This regulation makes the low power consumption, and long service life of LED light outstanding. The LED headlight does

Sculpting in Automotive Art

If college students come home on spring break and tell their parents that they have decided to major in art and become a sculptor, many parents would be aghast. Their first thought would be how would they support themselves and next they would envision their child living at home forever. However, there are sculptors who are self-supporting and don’t fit into the ‘starving artist’ category. And one industry that employs sculptors is automotive manufacturing. The concept of clay modeling in automotive design began at General Motors seventy years ago. Today automotive sculptors combine the designer’s drawings with the engineer’s specifications to create a three dimensional model.

Harvey Earl first introduced the idea of modeling sculptor’s clay to produce three-dimensional models. Clay was more workable than the plaster and wood used previously so it permitted more flexibility and creativity. So sculptors as well as illustrators and engineers became an integral part of an automotive design team. However, when automotive art emerged as a fine art genre, some of the sculptors left the industry and started to freelance.

One of these is Steve Posson. Posson had majored in automotive design at the Art Center College of Design in

Nissan Wheels Exude of Style and Quality

After more than seven decades in the automobile industry, Nissan Motor Company Ltd. has remained true to its goal in providing unique and innovative automotive products as well as services for its customers. With the company’s alliance with the European automaker Renault, Nissan is more empowered in producing quality products and auto parts for its followers worldwide. The Nissan wheels, which are considered basic parts of the vehicle, are manufactured to even exceed the Nissan owners’ expectations.

Nissan has a mission of enriching people’s lives through its products and services. For that, the Japan-established automaker utilizes the top of the line materials even for the basic Nissan wheels. Most modern vehicles, like the Nissan trucks and cars, are manufactured with alloy wheels. These are wheels that are made from aluminum or magnesium metal alloy. Aside from the lighter feature of the alloy wheels, users will notice that these are far better than the normal steel wheels.

Not only that, alloy wheels are better heat conductors which improve heat dissipation from the brakes. Nissan vehicles have lesser chances of brake failures because of these improved wheels. Moreover, wheels made of alloy make the vehicle look more sleek

Particularity in Your VW Corrado Part

Although the general has a place in everyday existence, particularity in so many things counts for a lot, especially if we are talking about hunting up VW parts, with a particular emphasis on those that belong to the VW Corrado. The abiding motivation for this is always the same for each case: suitability. It’s a common notion that automakers like Volkswagen manufacture several parts a year and that each of these parts bear different moldings and platforms and have a variety of shapes and sizes as well. So, if the Volkswagen model that you have plopped down in your garage is a Corrado, then it makes sense to purchase parts that fit and match this model. Settling for just about any Volkswagen Part may be one of the biggest mistakes that you can ever decide on–for the simple reason that they may not fit. Parts are manufactured for specific car models and unless they are universally accepted, may just cause damage to your automotive system if forced to fit to a mold that they are not particularly designed for. This is why having the right VW Corrado part at hand will help you keep your machine in great

Mercedes Benz Parts Satisfy Expectations

Innovation has long been an adage at Mercedes-Benz. The company has always been involved with technological progress in manufacturing safer, cleaner and more efficient vehicles. Mercedes-Benz has always been recognized as the car of people with wealth and recognition. Mercedes Benz was the driving force behind innovations such as the anti-lock braking system (ABS), the airbag, active suspension and ceramic brakes. These improved technologies have saved countless lives.

Ever since the company was established, all Mercedes Benz cars manufactured and carrying the Mercedes symbol was known for their high quality. In December 1900, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) supplied a client named Emil Jellinek with the world’s first Mercedes-brand motor vehicle which followed the name of Jellinek’s daughter, Mercédes. From the early stages, Mercedes Benz vehicles have set standards in quality, in technology and in luxury. Nowadays, Mercedes is one of the world’s most successful premium-quality automotive brands, with some 6.4 million customers having about 9.5 million Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. In 1900, the annual production of DMG was just 96 vehicles, made almost completely by hand through a workforce of 344 people. In 1913, assembly lines paved the way for volume production at lower costs and, from the time when

Finding Good BMW Parts and Accessories

If you are looking for high quality BMW parts and accessories, you want to know where to find the best parts for your model of car. Regardless of what you need to replace or upgrade, whether its engine pieces, interior or exterior parts, you will be more concerned to know where to find auto parts at economical price.

When looking for the best place to get BMW products, it is always best to get them through a certified dealer or supplier. They usually have them in stock, so you can find what you need for your car. In case they do not have the part you need in stock, they can order the right one for your vehicle. You may find the prices a little steep for average buyers, but buying parts from the dealers would guarantee you that the parts are genuine BMW parts and not knock-offs. The fact that you are guaranteed of getting genuine parts and accessories is definitely worth the price.

Also, if you decide to buy your BMW parts from the dealer, they can provide you the help you need with your replacement needs because they have the knowledge and expertise

Current Situations About the Domestic Parts Industry

The development of the auto parts industry is particularly important for the quality of vehicles and innovation in China’s own brand. However, the closed development pattern has restricted the development of strategic partnership between the vehicle enterprises and the auto parts companies. In order to keep up with the pace of automobile industry, the auto parts industry should be further developed. The following is the conversation between a reporter and the deputy secretary-general of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM).

Reporter: In recent years, China’s auto parts enterprises have made significant progress, but they still can not catch up with the pace of companies which produce vehicles. What are the reasons?

Dong Jianping: For a long period, products of domestic components industries are low-end. Generally, those joint ventures of vehicle manufacturers do not use domestic components because they are not confident in the quality of these products. With the opening up of the automotive market, there are restrictions on the number of vehicle enterprises. However, there is no restriction on the auto parts companies. As a result, many foreign enterprises invest and build factories in China. Their mergers and acquisitions have much impact on the domestic