Make a Hydrogen Generator For Fun and Profit

With gasoline prices in the summer of 2008 hitting over $4 per gallon and now days headed towards that direction again, many people are turning to making a hydrogen generator for their car to save gas. A hydrogen generator will help save gas, reduce tailpipe emissions, cut greenhouse gases, address global warming and it can be profitable as well.

Many years ago inventors were buying a popular eBook online in order to make a hydrogen generator out of a Mason jar and parts that one can buy at a home supply store. In the past couple of years this idea has advanced and many inventors are building more complex hydrogen generators than before.

But, the fundamentals of making a hydrogen generator have not changed. Basically, it involves using the car’s battery or alternator, electrolyzing a small amount of water and feeding the resulting hydrogen and oxygen gases into the vehicle’s intake system.

The hydrogen gas helps the gasoline combust more quickly and cleaner, creating more power, fewer emissions and increase mileage. This technology has been researched by the U. S. Department of Transportation and NASA as viable.

Sure there are those run your car on water scams on the Internet which are commonplace, but this does not mean the whole hydrogen generator industry is shady. The same can be said of business such as lawyers, real estate brokers and general contractors as well.

In order to make a hydrogen generator work, inventors also needs to optimize the EFIE or onboard computer as well. This will help lean out the gasoline mixture since more oxygen along with hydrogen is being pumped into the cylinders.

In the past year, inventors in record numbers have been building hydrogen generators and selling them online or locally for fun and profit. Those garage mechanics who have a few basic auto skills will find this work changing and entertaining.

Those with an eye for business see the ability to make a hydrogen generator and sell it as an opportunity to make extra money or even go into this as a full-time business. No matter what your interest is in this subject know that this is good for the environment, saves money in your pocketbook at the gas pumps and can gain your money if you decide to create and sell these automotive aftermarket parts as well.