HHO Cars and the Oxyhydrogen Engine

To build your own oxyhydrogen engine is not hard and has many benefits. One just has to go online under any automotive category and you`ll see many offers to convert your vehicle into an HHO car.

An oxyhydrogen engine is simply your own vehicle`s gasoline engine converted to burn oxyhydrogen gas, which is two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. Also referred to as HHO car conversion this technology is fast becoming very popular due to rising fuel prices globally.

The history of this fuel-saving system runs back about 20 years when the first devices were invented but were only available as ready-built kits that cost over $1000. Now-days you can build your own to HHO car technology due to it having being simplified and being sold on the internet.

An oxyhydrogen engine conversion can be done in about 20 work hours provided you follow your instructions. The guides are sold by many reputable companies on the net. Parts are readily found and can be bought at any local hardware store. Some things you will buy are: solder, various electronic parts, medium container, tubing, wiring etc.

To install the HHO car components is simple and afterwards you`ll be shown how to adjust your vehicle`s timings due to the different burning characteristics inherent in an oxyhydrogen engine.The result of a conversion will be increased gas mileage, this is certainly proven. Also, your engine will be “cleaned” by the effect of an HHO car conversion due to the burning of hydrogen gas and its effects on engine parts.