Exploring a Career in Customer and Call Center Services

When it comes to answering questions and assisting customers who have concerns with a product or service, it is the employees manning the customer and call center service that provides support. While you may become a customer service representative with a high school diploma, gaining a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or any other related field accompanied by many years of experience will open the doors to numerous managerial and director positions.

Common Customer Service and Call Center Careers

In the customer service industry, representatives process orders and serve the needs of customers in hopes of providing satisfaction. A high school diploma or an equivalent (with 0 to 3 years of experience in the field) is required. An employee must possess knowledge of basic concepts, practices, and procedures of handling telephone contact with consumers. Using a computer and imputing data into a PC is a typical skill workers should become familiar with. Customer service representatives usually report to a supervisor or manager. A Customer Service Representative I position generally pays between $25,702 and $33,661. A Senior Customer Service Representative (Customer Service Representative III) can make between $33,655 and $50,074.

As a Customer Service Manager, duties include managing a collection of customer service representatives âEUR” making sure that customers are kept satisfied and remain a productive part of the company. A manager is often responsible for creating and implementing operational policies and other office guidelines. They will suggest changes regarding the products or services of the company in an effort to enhance consumer response and satisfaction. A bachelor’s degree in business, marketing (or related field) with at least seven years of experience in the field is usually required to apply for this type of job. Often, a customer service manager will report to a senior manager. The typical salary for this position is generally between $56,367 and 78,468.

The Internet has become a great place for individuals to find a job in the customer service field. For example, an eCommerce Customer Service Representative is in change of handling customer inquires, orders, billing questions, and technical support. Usually, a bachelor’s degree with at least 1 year of experience in technical support is suggested. This position often pays between $22,925 and $39,743. Depending on the company, one may work within an office or pursue this career as an at-home position.

Some people take their bachelor’s degree with experience in the field and pursue a career as Manager of Customer Service Training. As head of training programs, one researches new ways on training new and old employees by enhancing current customer service training programs. Usually five years of experience is required to qualify for this position. The employee should be able to perform a variety of tasks, as well as lead and direct the work of others. The head of a unit or department usually oversees the progress of a Customer Service Training Manager, who may make an average annual salary of $51,622 and $72,105.

When working in a call center, the typical workstation usually consists of a computer, telephone set (with headset) and access to an extensive switchboard system. Call centers are found in an array of arenas, including educational institutions, hospitals, medical establishments, emergency services, and banks. The majority of businesses across the world also utilize call centers in order to communicate with their customers. This includes mail order catalog companies and utility companies. Depending on where the call center is situated, duties and salary varies.

Educational Requirements: Consumer Service Career

Usually, onsite training prepares an individual for the duties of customer service by focusing on sales, coaching, team building, and consumer interaction. People often take courses in performance management or undergo soft skills training to enter the fields of telephone-based customer service or sales. Those with a certificate in the field increase their chances of becoming a part of a call center or customer service department. High school diplomas and minimal experience help land jobs in the entry-level representative positions. For positions in management, a bachelor’s degree with a higher level of experience is required.

Working in the Customer Service and Call Center Industry: United States & Canada

When it comes to working in the customer service and call center industry, the companies and businesses within the United States and Canada that provide the best work environment are usually those with the greatest reputation. For example, Wegman’s grocery store chains have given away more than $60 million in scholarships to their employees. Senior management within the company oversees the call center interaction by listening in on phone conversations and working side-by-side with staffers. Additional companies with a knack for pleasing employees in the customer service industry includes the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co., Starbucks, Lexus Automotive, Cadillac Automotive, and Nordstrom Retail.