Car Troubleshooting With Automotive Scan Tools

It wasn’t that long ago that car troubleshooting involved listening to your engine and then doing all sorts of trial and error guessing at what problems the car had. If you had to hire a mechanic, this could get very costly. Nowadays there are automotive scan tools that can diagnose many problems that used to take many man hours of car troubleshooting to diagnose.

Some types of automotive scan tools can even solve some of your car’s problems for you. Many of these automotive scan tools can interface directly with the new computers being built in cars. This is possible because most new cars have an OBD (onboard diagnostic computer) that constant monitors and can report on commonly malfunctioning car systems. This makes it much quicker for you to get your car repaired. In many cases it can save you diagnostic charges. Most importantly, it can save you from having your mechanic trying to fix the wrong parts of your car.

You may not even be aware that automotive scan tools are being used for even basic car servicings. Even your car’s oil levels and oil quality may be checked by automotive scan tools when you take your car in for a tuneup or oil change. Your car may have the air bags and engine checked during factory servicing as well.

More About the OBD

Again, the OBD keeps track of how well various parts of your car are functioning. OBD codes can be outputted to help the mechanic figure out what isn’t working properly in the car. The mechanic usually uses automotive scan tools to read these codes and make interpretations of them. Most problems will be immediately and correctly diagnosed and solved on the first try with this information in hand. This is not only time saving, but it can save a lot of money on unneeded parts and a lot of hassles with repairs that don’t really solve the problem and leave you returning to the mechanics over and over again. The process of car troubleshooting has been greatly improved through the use of OBDs and automotive scan tools.