Automotive Secret Shoppers

Every mishandled prospective customer in an automobile showroom represents a lost opportunity which translates into lost revenue. For steadily increasing revenue it is imperative to turn showroom traffic into real customers. Increased sales and profit generated thus, will improve the bottom-line.

To achieve this goal every automobile company needs a comprehensive training program that has specific sales training objectives. The training program should be tailored in a manner that specific sales performance concerns are addressed adequately. For this to happen the sales training program of an automotive company needs to be evaluated thoroughly for any possibilities of incorporating changes that will lead to optimization of resources and consequently to optimal sales.

Automotive secret shoppers provide an invaluable performance measurement tool that is sought after by many of the top automotive organizations. Successful secret shopping in the automotive marketplace demands a detailed knowledge of the industry. So, agencies either employ experienced shoppers or train new recruits for the automotive industry. As a result several customer service and customer experience programs in new and used vehicle sales, service and parts for a variety of automotive industry clients have been developed. As per the demands of a particular company appropriate programs are chosen and tailored to fit.

Automotive secret shoppers give feedback about what kind of information is revealed during a used car sales pitch. Though withholding negative information from a client is not ethically right, it needs to be couched in euphemisms and delivered in a convincing manner. It is up to the customer to decide for or against the vehicle.

A typical report by an automotive secret shopper may include personal details about a sales person like his like greeting and opening remarks, appearance and attitude, and needs analysis and probing skills. Technical evaluation may include information about product knowledge and demonstration skills, sales presentation skills, negotiation techniques and closing skills. Reports about the facility in general will include feedback on the cleanliness of the facility, showroom and parking lot.